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When the outbreak finally did go away and I finally did return to work, I felt like even though my sores were gone and there was no sign of my herpes anywhere… Because while in the past I’d imagined us eventually dating… The Valtrex made me feel constantly nauseated, like I was going to puke. I felt like I couldn’t even make eye contact with him anymore. Well the months continued to pass and I didn’t have another outbreak…All they can do is stop the virus from growing inside your body… That was completely UNACCEPTABLE to me and it made me MAD… we finally discovered a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that when taken properly… and saw that the virus had been destroyed in our lab samples… Imagine waking up in 21 days from now and knowing you will NEVER have to worry about the herpes virus again… or feel heartbroken when a guy calls you a skunk or a slut… And imagine being free from the expensive, side-effect filled medications… including some of those responsible for publishing these journals… Raygon came to me with some extremely disappointing news.but they can’t destroy it because they don’t even know where it’s hiding. Turned the immune system into an invincible war machine that was so powerful, and so strong… Honestly, following this scientifically designed program was so easy, it felt hard to believe it had taken us five months to create it… almost three weeks exactly from when I’d began following the treatment protocol we’d established… The reason all of these “leading” researchers and doctors wouldn’t publish our findings, he said…Now without getting too technical on you, let me quickly explain the science behind how the virus is able to hide from your immune system. I more or less “forced” one of the most respected researchers and academics in the world to join me on this mission… two of the ugliest, most hated medical afflictions in the world… But over the next two weeks of additional testing, it quickly became clear that the battle was still only half won. So instead of quitting, we began to look at ways to put the immune system into “overdrive.” The reason for this was that if the problem was that the immune system wasn’t strong enough to destroy the virus… all 20% of the Americans who are currently suffering from herpes… Raygon and I ran clinical trials of our natural, completely side effect free herpes treatment… people who had either herpes type-1, herpes type-2 or even some combination of both… and put them into an academic paper to be published in the leading medical journals in the world…The way it works is that herpes simplex encodes a protein called ICP32(or infected cell protein 32) in the body. That’s because even though we were able to expose the infected cell protein to the immune system… The virus remained too strong and the immune system failed to eliminate it. we just had to change all of that by making the immune system even stronger. Raygon and I went to work formulating a that, when taken in the right amounts, over the right period of time… and all 10% of the Americans who suffer from both HSV-1 and HSV-2… and who had been infected for anywhere from 3 months to 30 years… We were dead certain that we were about to become... but we simply can’t publish it.” At first, it made NO SENSE…In fact, I would have thought the same thing, if I hadn’t been part of the research team that discovered this cure… it kind of looks like herpes.” I wanted to cry when Marc said this, but only because I thought he was being stupid… I’d only been “all the way” with a small handful of guys in my entire life… To tell me anything at all that might suggest there was hope. Raygon, but instead of being bored by what he had to say, I was absolutely fascinated.Or if I hadn’t personally used this natural treatment… and in almost every single instance that was when we were in a committed long-term relationship. and to tell him that it was a funny joke but that no, it was just an outbreak… Perfect, but I have not just one but TWO types of herpes…” it would be over. Well asking a man who has spent his entire life researching viruses to tell you about how one of them works is a lot like asking a “gym rat” to tell you about working out… He had a way of explaining how the herpes virus works, and why it’s so hard to destroy, that I’d never heard of before – even in medical school… Raygon was telling me would ultimately be the key to permanently deleting the herpes virus from my body…

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and thereby allow your immune system to quickly target and destroy it? Glaxo Smith Kline, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Biovail Pharmaceuticals Inc, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and Reliant Pharmaceuticals.So in other words, using those medications to fight herpes is a lot like trying to use your fists to fight a ghost… or that no one else on the planet had figured it out before us. taking the right dosages and combinations of these different natural supplements and vitamins… Was that they were absolutely terrified of being blackballed by the pharmaceutical industry.